June 3, 2023 /

New Bobcat 40 Concept Loader

Bobcat Demo Days is always an impressive event, and this year was no different. Among the exciting array of machines on display, Bobcat introduced its latest concept loader, the L40, in the 2-3 tonne category. Designed to excel in heavy-duty applications, the L40 is a powerful load and carry machine that surpasses expectations.

A standout feature of the L40 is its impressive lift apacity, coming in at under 1.5 tonnes. The L40’s simplicity and user-friendly design are equally noteworthy. Bobcat engineers have prioritized ease of operation, enabling operators to adapt quickly and maximize productivity. With its rugged construction and streamlined design, the L40 efficiently tackles even the toughest environments.

Jaroslav Fiser, Product Line Director Loaders for Doosan Bobcat EMEA, emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive loader portfolio. “With the new L95 loader and the introduction of smaller wheeled loader concepts like the L40, we demonstrate our dedication to offering the most complete loader range in the industry,” he affirms. Bobcat Demo Days provides an exclusive opportunity for dealers and customers to experience these concept machines firsthand, actively participating in the development process. Their valuable assessments and feedback contribute to shaping the future of Bobcat’s loader offerings.