April 9, 2019 /

Doosan Launch DL280-5 Waste Master

Offering a dedicated design for waste and recycling and general industrial applications, the new DL280-5 will be shown in its full waste industry configuration at Bauma. The ‘Waste Kit’ includes protectors for lifting and bucket cylinders, articulation, rims, lamps, the rear engine bonnet and the front windscreen, which is tiltable for easy cleaning. The DL280-5 is tailored for waste applications, with a wide core radiator and heavy duty axles, which are approved for the use of solid tyres. The DL280-5 offers high performance and high productivity with an outstanding breakout force, tipping load and enhanced output. The DL280-5 features Z-bar kinematics with a simple lifting piston system designed for heavy-duty applications.

With a maximum bucket capacity of 4.4 m3, the DL420CVT-5 combines the benefits of a mechanical and a hydrostatic transmission in the same machine. This allows the DL420CVT-5 to automatically transition from hydrostatic power at low speed to the mechanical system to operate at higher speeds. The complete driving range, forwards and in reverse, is controlled by the CVT system, which can provide fuel savings of up to 25%.

The new DL580-5 has a bucket capacity of 6.4 m3 and a similar look to the next model down the range, the DL550-5, but features robust structural components and an advanced sophisticated double circuit axle cooling system to provide an ideal solution for applications such as block lifting and other heavier material-handling needs. To meet these requirements, the DL580-5 has an operating weight of 36030 kg and higher static tipping loads (straight/full turn 40°) of 29700 and 26200 kg, respectively.