November 13, 2018 /

Bobcat celebrate 10,000 E10 Mini Excavators

Happy Birthday, Bobcat E10! This year marks the E10 mini-excavator’s 10th Anniversary ? one of our smallest machines, and one of our biggest successes! 2018 also records a major milestone: the 10,000th E10 has rolled off the production line!

A landmark excavator model

The launch of the E10 mini-excavator in April 2008 was a landmark in Bobcat’s history and the development of Bobcat excavator products. The E10, along with the E08, were the first excavator models designed and built from start to finish in Europe. The goal: replace not very well accepted OEM 316 model and exceed the expectations of European customers. Sales and reputation over the past 10 years confirm that this objective has been achieved.



The E10 model is a zero tail swing mini-excavator with a maximum digging depth of 1.82 meters and a machine weight of 1066 kg. Bobcat’s E10 is designed and engineered to provide the best combination of high performance, stability, operator safety, ergonomics and durability in the mini-excavator market and ability to retract itself in order to easily pass through the standard 80cm door opening. The main feature which differentiate E10 from other competitors are patented side adjustable consoles which accomodate hydraulic pilot pressure controled joysticks. This in class unique design allows operator to enjoy comfort and feel similar to much bigger machines and adjust the width of consoles in case of need to squeeze through the narrow doors.


According to Bertus Boer, general director of Inter-Techno, the Dutch reseller of Bobcat one of the most active sellers of E10, the market share of the compact Bobcat excavators in the Netherlands is steadily growing. “Especially the E10 mini-excavators are selling really well,” he says. “This year we already have shipped more than 70. We see, that the E10 is very popular, particularly in gardening and landscaping. Until some years ago the standard equipment of a gardener was a lawn mower. But because it is becoming more and more difficult, to find personnel, the companies are able to do a large part of the manual work quickly and efficiently, thanks to the mini-excavator and the wide range of attachments. E10 is operated with a servo joystick. This is really very comfortable, so employees can work with the machine 8 hours per day without any problems.”

Amazingly compact

The smallest model in the Bobcat range, the E10 is easy to transport. Its retractable undercarriage reduces its width to only 710 mm, allowing the machine to pass easily through a standard doorway for work inside buildings. In addition, the integrated foldable TOPS facilitates passage through openings with low headroom.

The E10’s minimal width enables excellent maneuverability in confined spaces, while the zero tail swing design is an additional advantage when working in tight areas.

Please join Bobcat Company in wishing the E10 continued success in the years to come! And of course, help us to sell another 10,000 in coming years!


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