October 5, 2022 /

Bobcat @ BAUMA 2022

The Bauma stand will feature a comprehensive display of the latest Bobcat wheeled and tracked loaders, mini-excavators including four new exciting additions in the 5 to 8 tonne category, the very latest R-series telehandlers, light compaction products and a number of new attachments. Complementing these are new machinery premieres and the very latest in electrification, digitization, autonomy and gamification from Bobcat, including:

  • Concept – Quad Tracks – Bauma Innovation Award Finalist
  • Concept – The T7X – The World’s First All-Electric Compact Track Loader
  • Concept – OLED Transparent Touch Display
  • Concept – E35 Operate By Wire Mini-Excavator 

“Many of the Bobcat products being presented at Bauma will be showcased for the first time. Over the last three years, we have significantly reworked our portfolio, added new product ranges and at Bauma, we will premiere even more new product categories,“ said Gustavo Otero, President Doosan Bobcat EMEA.

Concept – Quad Tracks – Bauma Innovation Award Finalist

Currently being tested in markets in the USA, the Quad Track concept allows the wheels of selected Bobcat skid-steer loaders to be easily replaced with four individual track pods, effectively converting them into tracked loaders.

Chosen as one of the finalists in the Mechanical Engineering category of the Bauma 2022 Innovation Awards, Bobcat quad tracks add considerable versatility to skid-steer loaders, allowing them to easily adapt to different environments. Benefits include increased flotation, reduced ground pressure and better traction on wet ground, compared to traditional wheeled skid-steer loaders, with a smoother ride compared to two-track compact track loaders.

The Bobcat quad track solution allows the conversion of a wheeled skid-steer loader to a quad track loader simply by removing the wheels, adding an oscillation bar to limit total oscillation, and attaching track pods to the existing axles. The machine can easily be converted back to a wheeled loader, when desired.

The ground pressure exerted by the quad track loader falls between that of the comparable skid-steer and compact track loaders. This provides even better forces when excavating soil, pushing snow or in other applications where a high push force is required compared to skid-steer loaders.

Whilst quad tracks are a known technology, they have not been used before on skid-steer loaders, which require a track system that can withstand side-to-side movements, as well as forward and backward, which is introduced in skid-steering.


Concept – OLED Transparent Touch Display

The Bobcat Transparent Touch Display concept has been developed in conjunction with LG Electronics and BSI Research and utilises OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. This new system provides a transparent, engaging touch display solution embedded within the glass structure of the operator’s cab to enhance their productivity, efficiency and visibility of the task at hand. The display can be positioned on the front windshield or side window of the cab on a range of Bobcat machines, including mini-excavators, telehandlers and loaders.

The operator can customize the display with smart widgets and interactive applications, to integrate data relevant to the jobsite or daily activities. This transparent, multi-function display allows an operator to view vital information and machine data displayed on the OLED screen and simply refocus their vision to see everything that is going on around them on the worksite.