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Terms & Conditions – Service


  • Pricing: All prices exclude VAT, unless stated otherwise.  Labour and travel are charged at an hourly rate.  A VAT invoice/receipt, including a breakdown of parts, labour, travel (if applicable), collection/delivery/recovery (if applicable), sub-contractor charges ( etc. is provided for all transactions.
  • Quotation: A quotation will be provided prior to commencement of works.  Quotations are valied for 30 days.  If on further investigation it transpires that additional works and/or parts are required, we will contact you to advise you of same.  Ancillary works will only be conducted with your permission.
  • Payment: A credit or debit card may be required to secure the booking.  Payment is required upon immediate completion of works, or in the case of accounts, pre-authorised by the account-holder.  Accepted payment methods include; cash, bank draft, debit card or credit card.  See full terms and conditions for account-holders at the end of this page.
  • Warranty: Terms and conditions of manufacturers’ warranties are strictly applied and adhered to.
  • Technical support: Our Service Manager will endeavour to assist you with any service queries that you may have; however, please note that it is not possible to diagnose service issues or provide detailed technical support over the telephone.  Similarly, we cannot furnish copies of service manuals.



  • All works (including parts, labour, travel, collection/delivery, sub-contractors etc.) must be pre-authorised by the account-holder.
  • All accounts are subject to a 30-day credit limit.
  • Accounts which exceed their credit terms will automatically go ‘on hold’ until the outstanding balance has been paid.
  • Credit facilities may be withdrawn completely from account-holders who regularly breach Adare Machinery’s terms of credit.
  • Adare Machinery is no longer in a position to open new accounts or to offer credit facilities to dormant accounts.
  • Long overdue accounts will be referred onwards for further action.


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